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Men’s Shoes

Buying a New Pair of Men’s Shoes? You Can’t Beat Brown

One piece of advice you hear all the time when it comes to dress shoes is that your first pair of men’s shoes should be black. The supposed logic behind this is that you can wear black shoes with anything and that they’re more formal than brown shoes.

I couldn’t disagree more with this advice, and I’d always recommend a man looking for his first pair of dress shoes to choose a pair in brown. Let’s cut past the generalities and look at the finer points of whether you should get black or brown men’s shoes.

How Formal Do These BHD Mens Shoes need to be?

First, I’ll admit it – if you need the most formal men’s shoes, then you need a pair of black Oxfords. That is the most formal type and color of shoe you can get.But ask yourself, why would you need a shoe this formal? Are you working in an ultra-conservative office? Even if you work in a field where you’re expected to wear a suit and tie every day, you can wear brown shoes with many different colors of suits.

Brown is a slight notch below black on the formality spectrum, but it’s still formal enough for almost any situation, save black-tie events and funerals. You probably don’t need black men’s shoes for formality reasons.

No Shoe “Goes with Everything”

There’s this ridiculous idea out there that you can wear black men’s shoes with basically any outfit. There isn’t a shoe on this planet that will look good with everything you could possibly wear.

To say that a pair of black shoes will go with everything makes zero sense, because whether the shoes are black or brown, they’ll have a level of formality to them. Black Oxfords will look silly if you pair them with casual light blue jeans. And a black pair of loafers will look just as bad if you try wearing them to a formal event.

Brown men’s shoes are actually often the more versatile choice. They can work with a range of colors, and the right brown dress shoes can work with formal outfits and more casual clothing in a way black shoes simply can’t.

Slatter Dice Mens Leather Casual Slip On Shoes

Brown Has a Variety of Shades

I don’t hate black shoes. They serve their purpose well and are a necessity on certain occasions.

But there is so much more variety with brown because of all its shades. You have your light browns, such as walnut. You have your more formal darker browns. You have browns with a gorgeous red coloring, such as merlot and oxblood.

That variety makes it easy to find a shoe in a shade that you love. With black, you have one color option. There is no light black.

Don’t let tradition and outdated advice dictate your style choices. If you’re trying to decide between black and brown men’s shoes, be bold and look for something in brown.

Womens Shoes and Feeling Good

Ladies Shoes and Feeling Good

The ladies shoes world is perpetually growing bigger and stronger. When you’re trying to purchase ladies shoes, it can seem like the choices are endless. The options you see may even start to blend together after a little while. That doesn’t mean that the ladies shoes world is a total bore, though. The universe of ladies shoes is actually a thrilling, diverse, dynamic and exciting one. If you want to take over the planet with your feet, you need to find ladies shoes that show off all the things that make you special and distinctive as a person. Ladies shoes have the power to do that. Ladies shoes have the ability to do so many things for you. They can make your feet feel 100 percent comfortable. They can complement your outfits. These things are the beginning.

You should always take pride in your footwear choices. You should always take your footwear choices completely seriously as well. Don’t just go for the cheapest shoes you can find. Don’t just go for the most popular shoes you can find, either. That’s selling yourself short. You should strive to find shoes that fit your feet like a glove. You should prioritize shoes that aren’t overly big or small. You should prioritize shoes that don’t lead to awkward and unpleasant fits, too. Nothing can be worse than having to walk around in shoes that make your feet feel absolutely miserable. The wrong pair of shoes can ruin otherwise exciting and soothing vacations. The wrong pair of shoes can turn you into a grouchy, rude and irritable mess. A good pair of shoes can do the total opposite.

If you want your shoe shopping attempts to go off without a hitch, you have to figure out your preferred style. Are you the kind of person who loves the convenience of shopping all by yourself? Are you the kind of individual who likes getting feedback and opinions from people you trust? If so, try to recruit friends and family members. Your best friend may be able to provide you with shoe shopping advice that’s priceless. Your sibling may be able to do the same. Honest opinions can be extremely helpful. They can prevent people from making major shoe shopping mistakes at times, too. Who wants to spend an arm and a leg on shoes that look silly?

Shoe shopping can sometimes be a project that takes quite a bit of time and effort. People aren’t always able to easily squeeze shoe shopping trips into their busy schedules. If you’re unable to find the time for proper shoe shopping, however, there’s an easy solution for you. That solution is to go online. The Internet shopping world can be great for people who are looking for Womens Shoes at BHD. The Internet is home to footwear retailers that sell fancy high heels. It’s home to footwear retailers that sell sturdy and durable tennis shoes. It’s home to retailers that have dazzling assortments of boots, pumps, sandals, flip flops and beyond.

Planet Shoes Elate Womens Leather Comfort Flats

Shopping for Ladies Shoes

Shopping for Ladies Shoes: Things to Consider

Buying ladies shoes can often be quite the big task. There are so many stores all over the Internet that have large selections of ladies shoes available to customers. That doesn’t make the process of selecting and buying ladies shoes easy, though. That’s because there are always so many factors to consider. Purchasing ladies shoes is never as simple as looking for a specific style and size. It involves a whole lot more. If you’re looking for ladies shoes, you probably have certain style requirements in mind. Ladies shoes come in many interesting and memorable styles. There are ladies shoes that are appropriate for fashion-forward women. There are also ladies shoes that are appropriate for women who prefer blending in with the rest of the crowd. It doesn’t matter what your individual style preferences are. If you’re patient and careful, you should be able to find shoes that are a great match for your wardrobe.

Buying Ladies Shoes Brand House Direct online doesn’t have to be intimidating. People sometimes avoid doing so out of fear. They worry about not being able to try shoes on in advance. If you have concerns that involve shoe size, you can get around them in numerous smart and efficient ways. Look for online shoe retailers that provide customers with detailed sizing information. It can be smart to prioritize footwear shops that give customers access to accurate measurements. If you have shoe measurements in front of you, you can’t really go wrong. Steer clear of shoe shops online that offer you nothing more than basic size information. Give your time to shoe shops that go the extra mile.

You don’t have to be upset if you find a pair of shoes on the Internet on a website that doesn’t offer measurements, either. Find out about the shop’s return policy. If the shoe store has a great return policy, you can buy your pair without stress and anxiety. If the shoes are too big or too small for you, that’s totally fine. You can ship them back to the seller and get your money back.

It can sometimes be unpleasant to shop for shoes for ladies in person. Physical stores often have highly limited selections. This can be troubling to women who have relatively rigid style preferences. If you want to invest in footwear that can enhance your personal style, it can be annoying to have to work with few options. That’s why the Internet can be such an amazing thing. It’s safe to say that online footwear shops are practically unlimited. These shops can accommodate people who like footwear that’s modern. They can accommodate shoppers who appreciate footwear that’s futuristic. They can even accommodate individuals who are fans of footwear that looks nostalgic. If you want to buy a beautiful pair of pumps for work purposes, the Internet can be a wonderful starting point. If you want to buy a cozy and comfortable pair or sneakers for running errands or working out, it can be a great starting point, too.

Exploring Types Of Men’s Boots

Looking for a great pair of mens boots?

Welcome to the world of mens boots. It’s one of those very manly worlds where the larger than life feet of men are kept safe and sound inside protective housing, otherwise known as a good, sturdy pair of mens boots. Moreso than regular shoes, mens boots are known to be just a bit more rugged and manly than ordinary shoes. Used for work, play, and sometimes fashion, boots are comfortable, durable and come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re wondering what’s new in the world of mens boots, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The men out there can take comfort in the fact that there’s a lot stirring in the realm of Work Boots From Brand House Direct. The styles this year are just a little more stylish, more rugged, and more colorful than mens boots of the past. If you’re not up to date on the latest fashions in mens boots, prepare to be dazzled.

Most popular styles this year

Chelsea boot

The sole is extremely slim on this one, with a sharp pointy steel toe and all of the slipon comfort you’d expect of a boot so elegant. Men who want a boot for style and not necessarily for battling the harsh winter elements will appreciate what this designer boot has to offer. Its splash of color on the ankle portion of the boot will make a lot of heads turn this winter… especially the heads of the ladies who appreciate stylish men.

Captoe dress boot

Not quite sold on the Chelsea? No worries! The captoe dress boot and comes in oxblood leather and is a bit less light on its feet than the Chelsea. While certainly rugged in its own right, the boot is heavy on style and will be appreciated by men who wear their boots for looks and not just because it’s snowing outside. This one is a mid-length boot.

Chukka boot

Looking for ankle-height mens boots? You’ve found the holy grail of them. Men have slowly grown accustomed to the at first shocking style of the Chukka boot. Keep in mind that this boot is for casual wear only. It’s definitely not a dress boot and you probably won’t want to hit the trails wearing this one. They are quite elegant and perfect for those average days out on the town.

Harness boot

Ready to get some work done? The Harness boot is one of the toughest boots out there. Its made of near indestructible leather that is going to stick with you no matter what elements you’re battling. Not for those out on a date… unless your lady loves her men as rough and tumble as they can get.

Shop today

Don’t let the opportunity to buy a few pairs of these great boots pass you by. You’ll have a healthy collection of boots for all occasions, whether it’s for a classy date, a casual day on the town, or an evening at the rodeo.

Equine Shopping Centre

Signalling a significant shift in the way city and country equine enthusiasts utilise the internet to simplify the purchase of a wide range of top quality Australian equine products, Queensland farrier Robert Stevenson has established, the leading provider of self-service and bulk wholesale horse supplies purchased directly through the internet.

Robert recognized that there was a need for the supply of Equine needs to be made available cost effectively to remote rural Australia to operate 24/7 as a one-stop shop. Equine Shopping Centre has revolutionized traditional horse supplies trading by providing high technology capabilities with linkages through Australia Post for safe, quick delivery of instant online purchases. Robert said this wholesale service eliminates the inconvenience of lengthy shopping trips from remote locations, as customers can now have access through our direct marketing facility to a full shopping centre of quality Australian made Equine products, with the advantage of low overhead delivery costs and always be assured the goods will arrive as expected. It’s easy to use and also provides easy accounting functions for BAS & GST, he said.

Consumers, wherever they are and whatever time of day they wish to shop are able to search through the shelves of, place their order through our secure site and have it delivered to their stable door by Australia Post. has over 1300 products from all the top brands including rider clothing, saddlery products and horse feed & animal health care products.

Robert is managing director of the company and eldest son of the highly regarded Central Queensland family the Stevenson’s, well known for their horse and cattle interests. Robert is supported in the successful venture by his father Bill, who has studied equine dentistry and muscle relief therapy, his mother Jimpy, a maker of custom swinging fender saddles and brother Peter who is a well known rodeo rider. As a family, we have broad experience in varied aspects of the horse industry and are committed to making our company a source of great savings in both time and price for customers from all over Australia and overseas, said Robert. The innovative is a ground breaking, market leader in the equestrian supply field.