Exploring Types Of Men’s Boots

Looking for a great pair of mens boots?

Welcome to the world of mens boots. It’s one of those very manly worlds where the larger than life feet of men are kept safe and sound inside protective housing, otherwise known as a good, sturdy pair of mens boots. Moreso than regular shoes, mens boots are known to be just a bit more rugged and manly than ordinary shoes. Used for work, play, and sometimes fashion, boots are comfortable, durable and come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re wondering what’s new in the world of mens boots, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The men out there can take comfort in the fact that there’s a lot stirring in the realm of Work Boots From Brand House Direct. The styles this year are just a little more stylish, more rugged, and more colorful than mens boots of the past. If you’re not up to date on the latest fashions in mens boots, prepare to be dazzled.

Most popular styles this year

Chelsea boot

The sole is extremely slim on this one, with a sharp pointy steel toe and all of the slipon comfort you’d expect of a boot so elegant. Men who want a boot for style and not necessarily for battling the harsh winter elements will appreciate what this designer boot has to offer. Its splash of color on the ankle portion of the boot will make a lot of heads turn this winter… especially the heads of the ladies who appreciate stylish men.

Captoe dress boot

Not quite sold on the Chelsea? No worries! The captoe dress boot and comes in oxblood leather and is a bit less light on its feet than the Chelsea. While certainly rugged in its own right, the boot is heavy on style and will be appreciated by men who wear their boots for looks and not just because it’s snowing outside. This one is a mid-length boot.

Chukka boot

Looking for ankle-height mens boots? You’ve found the holy grail of them. Men have slowly grown accustomed to the at first shocking style of the Chukka boot. Keep in mind that this boot is for casual wear only. It’s definitely not a dress boot and you probably won’t want to hit the trails wearing this one. They are quite elegant and perfect for those average days out on the town.

Harness boot

Ready to get some work done? The Harness boot is one of the toughest boots out there. Its made of near indestructible leather that is going to stick with you no matter what elements you’re battling. Not for those out on a date… unless your lady loves her men as rough and tumble as they can get.

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Don’t let the opportunity to buy a few pairs of these great boots pass you by. You’ll have a healthy collection of boots for all occasions, whether it’s for a classy date, a casual day on the town, or an evening at the rodeo.

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