Keep Kid’s School Shoes Longer

Tips for Australian Parents to Keep their Kid’s School Shoes Longer

Smelly and scruffy school shoes can embarrass your kid. As such, it’s crucial for every Australian parent to look after the shoes of their children if they want them to last the full school year. These tips will ensure your child’s school shoes are clean and free of smell all year round.

Replacing Laces

It’s crucial for every parent that wants their kid’s school shoes to last longer to replace worn out laces. You never know when your kid’s shoelaces will get damaged, so parents should keep an extra pair in the cupboard. You could also visit the nearest shoe repair shop if Velcro strip and buckles on your kid’s school boots become unstuck.

Remove Dirt

Your kid’s shoes could become overly dirt, especially if the kid has been walking over muddy puddles. As such, it’s crucial to wash them as soon as possible before the mud sticks on them. You need to wipe the shoe with a wet cloth to ensure grime doesn’t damage or seep in the leather.

Airing the Shoes Out

Experts in Australia recommend parents to remove their kid’s Brand House Direct school shoes immediately they get home from school. That allows for any sweat or moisture inside the boots to dry out before they go to school the next morning. You can even place the school shoes near an open window or outside to allow them to freshen up.

Polish Up the Shoes

Experts in Australia recommend parents to apply shoe wax to their kid’s shoes at least every fortnight to maintain their shiny look. After they’ve used a soft shoe brush to apply wax, they can use a cloth or rag to restore the leather shoes to their polished look. Moreover, use of a soft fabric and a cream conditioner to clean up the boots at least once in a month can prevent the leather from drying out and protect it from destructive elements. Parents can check out for various shoe care products online.

Keep the Shoes Dry

You can use a scrunched up newspaper to stuff an excessively wet school shoe until the next morning. That’s an excellent way to draw out excess moisture and sweat from the boots without damaging their material. However, placing your kid’s school shoes at next to a heater or use of a hairdryer to dry them out can make the leather crack.

Quick Fixes

If you don’t have time to apply a traditional wax polish to your kid’s school shoes, worry no more as there is a wide variety of quick-fix solutions available. You can use applicator sponges along with bottles of liquid wax shine as an alternative, as they’re readily available at supermarkets. They are excellent quick-fix solutions that give a dull-looking school boot an instant shine.

Avoid Over-wearing the Shoe

Wearing a single pair of school shoe regularly over a long haul can damage its structure. No cleaning can save an overly worn school shoe. As such, parents should ensure their children rotate their shoe wardrobe often.

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